Sunday, November 23, 2014

Now a trio

I am rapidly learning and re-learning that there is no such thing as a typical week when it comes to missionary work!!

Monday: We packed up and moved to a new flat in preparation for Sister Pastor's arrival! Our old flat was not big enough for three beds. :( Then one of our recent converts did our nails at the salon she works at. We got super nice shellac. It's really exciting because it still looks nice. I haven't had nice nails my whole mission!

Tuesday: Transfer Meeting! Said goodbye to a lot of excellent missionaries and good friends. It's always sad to see people go. Their final testimonies always make me cry.

Wednesday: We picked up Sister Pastor from the mission home! She is about 4'10" and absolutely adorable. She speaks excellent English, and she visa waited in the Philippines Manila mission for two months, so she came to us pre-trained! That evening, we taught a lesson to Kitty, the wife of one of our recent converts, and solidified her commitment to be baptized! Here's to looking at December 6th for completing a family in the gospel! <3

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Sister Stevenson got the flu! :( She was too sick to work (much to her dismay and frustration) so we did some finagling and managed to get some work done anyway. I spent a couple days in the city being companions with Sister McFadden, some of the Chinese sisters, and one of our amazing members so that Sister Pastor could stay home with Sister Stevenson and we didn't have to cancel all our lessons. It was really odd to not be with my companion for that long! It was also interesting to be fully in charge of our day, not totally splitting our efforts 50/50. Or now, since we're in a trio, 33/33/33. :) I'll be glad when I can have my companions back!

Sorry about the dearth of pictures lately... My camera is still out of commission. At my mother's urging, I will buy a new camera ASAP. :)

I love you all!

xo Sister Larsen

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