Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter from last week

Dearest, darlingest, family and friends,
It's transfers again! (How did that happen?!) And I am so blessed to be able to stay in the city with Sister Stevenson!!! We are both so excited!! Most missionaries don't get more than two transfers in the city, three if they're lucky. So I am definitely lucky. :)
Things with our Persian friends have been very happy/sad this week. Happy because: we got to teach three lessons with them this week, and their countenances have changed so much. Mohammed told us that he wants to have a family that is established on Christianity. He seems so incredibly different than when he first walked into the branch. Sad because: we found out that they don't live in our area and now we have to hand them over to other missionaries. :( I don't mind too much as long as they still get baptized, but I just hope that the transition is smooth. It can be pretty hard on investigators sometimes to change missionaries, let alone six investigators who have been taught for a whole transfer. But we'll see! I have faith in them!

We had the most amazing lesson with Masaru this week! A couple from another stake came to be translators! Steve served a mission in Japan, and his wife Satomi is from Japan! Satomi said a prayer in Japanese and Masaru was so, so excited! He had never heard anyone pray in his language before! All three of them just lit up and chattered away about the gospel and temples and the Plan of Salvation in Japanese and it was beautiful! Sister Stevenson and I grinned from ear to ear. Masaru is just the

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