Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday in Melbourne

Dear family and friends,
Big thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I was the recipient of an abundance of kindness and love on my birthday, which I wasn't expecting and I was really grateful for.
Update on our favorite Nepalese investigator: He originally told us that he wants to get baptized sometime in the distant future, but when we shared a scripture about not procrastinating the day of repentance, he took that as an immediate need to be baptized so he went and got baptized that week! His intentions are so good. We taught him the Restoration again and he's cool with having another baptism. He can be like Godwin, one of the recent converts from Africa, who talks about his two baptisms. One is a great step towards following God, and the second is the one with priesthood authority that is valid in God's books. Bhadra's second baptism is scheduled for October 18th. :)
This week, Masaru brought a cute Japanese friend to church with him! Her name is Hana and she is the cutest thing. Her English is even more limited than Masaru's,so Masaru was our translator. It was so cool to see our very recent convert already sharing the gospel with his friends, and in his own language! He is such a miracle.
We met a really cool guy from India named Tinu. We met him on the street and invited him to come see the chapel right then and he agreed! He told us about how his relationship with God has lessened and how he wants to change. He was so excited to learn about temples and how families can be together forever. He said he wants to bring his girlfriend here from India and marry her in the temple! We talked about baptism and how it could help him so much. He's excited to learn more and he said he would pray about baptism!
On Sunday, one of the few married couples in our branch had us over for dinner. They're from New Zealand and they're just barely finished with uni. They're just getting started on their home and family but they already have such a wonderful spirit of love and devotion to the Lord in their home. We shared a message about the plan of salvation with them, and the Spirit was so strong. It testified to me how much even lifelong members need the basic doctrines that we missionaries teach. These truths are for everyone, whether they've read the Book of Mormon their whole lives or they've never even heard of Jesus Christ! The Gospel is for all!
Being a missionary is just the best thing ever and I never want to stop. I highly recommend it.

xoxo Sister Larsen

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